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Carina Lobo Interview

09 Jun 2021
Entrevista Carina Lobo 0

"In the mass market being available and well-positioned on supermarket shelves is the main goal of any brand that comes to us."

1. How long have you worked in Sociprime?

My career in Sociprime started 5 years ago in the team that works with P&G brands and since then I have been allowed to evolve internally. With commitment and dedication I have not only risen through the ranks but also in terms of knowledge. This professional path has been very rewarding.

2. What advantages does BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) bring to Sociprime?

BPO is not only a "service rendering", our clients have access to a vast network of specialized resources which allows us to respond to their needs and requests in a more efficient way.

In the mass market, being available and well positioned on supermarket shelves is the main objective of any brand that seeks us out.

Sociprime is therefore a specialist in coordinating, managing and implementing on the ground, the communication, marketing and sales strategies of its clients, ensuring fast turnover and effectiveness of products.

With excellence and effectiveness as our guiding principle, and flexibility and integration as our tactic, Sociprime operates in five major areas:

  • Replenishment;
  • Management of fixed teams;
  • Implementations;
  • Logistics;
  • Promotion.

3. What are your benefits?

As mentioned, Sociprime offers a vast network of specialized services. This way our clients have at their disposal highly qualified resources to deliver a service adapted to their real needs in a fast and efficient way.

4. What future challenges do you foresee in your sector?

With the onset of the pandemic in March 2020 and the rapid changes that the sector felt with the increase in the general consumption of consumer goods, Sociprime had to quickly adapt its services to the new reality never neglecting the health of its employees and the quality of the service delivered to date. Even though the pandemic took everyone by surprise, we suddenly had our employees geographically dispersed without the chance to physically join us, which forced us to restructure quickly and was well implemented. Today we are a stronger, more efficient, and resilient team! I felt I could count on the employees, and all together we were united by the common goal. So we feel that we are prepared to adapt to any challenge thrown at us by the market.

Carina Lobo | Exclusive Project Manager for P&G Brands

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03 set 2021


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