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Irina Baía Interview

16 Mar 2021SociprimeHuman Resources
Irina Baía Interview 1

"It is important that everyone feels an integral part of the Company, because in fact Sociprime's success, happens because of its universe of employees."

1 - How long have you held the position of Human Resources manager at Sociprime and why did you decide to take on this challenge?

I have been Human Resources Manager for approximately 2 years and 2 months.

My professional career has been mostly in the area of Temporary Work and Outsourcing, which allowed me to know the sector in a deeper way, acquire skills and develop the taste I have for this sector.

I quickly realized that it would be a large project (approximately 2000 employees) and with the characteristic demands of the sector, because it is a triangular activity (Company, Employee, Client) however I feel that this "that's my thing". For these reasons I took this challenge, to have the possibility to manage the department, to manage teams, in a sector that I really identify myself.

2- How are the recruitment processes developed at Sociprime?

All companies want to have the best people. A well done recruitment and selection process is fundamental for us to obtain/attract the best candidates.

The efficiency of a process is in the result it gives us.

Step by step of a recruitment process, which can be external, internal or mixed. There are several cases of internal/mixed recruitment. Because given the high number of assets, it becomes an added value to bet on our employees, giving them the possibility to evolve.

1º It's essential to design the job according to the function/position and the brand that it will represent. What are the essential technical competencies? What experience must the candidate have to produce more? What tools will he use in his day-to-day work?

2º Announcement of the vacancy in the various channels used. This disclosure is vital to attract candidates.

3º We screen the candidates, in a first phase without any contact established. Later, a contact is made to follow up on the application and align the candidate's profile with the profile of the vacancy. At this stage, some details about the vacancy are explained and the candidate's interest is evaluated.

We then start the interview phase, which may have several phases and/or be developed according to the various existing types, always in line with the demands of the position. A member of the Human Resources Department, Account (optional) and the Client's representative (optional) may participate in these interviews.

After the selection of the candidate, the proposal is made and finally the formalization of the same, following the hiring process.

A well recruited candidate will bring great benefits to the Company and in this way will strengthen the satisfaction of our Client(s).


3- How can people apply to join Sociprime's teams?

They can apply via our website, where it is possible to submit a spontaneous application and take the opportunity to explore the page, get to know Sociprime and its areas of activity.

Other options are the various employment platforms, social networks, LinkedIn, where it is possible to submit an application for a specific vacancy that is in progress.

4- How important is employee satisfaction for Sociprime's success?

Sociprime's success in an increasingly competitive market depends on several factors, namely: quality of services rendered, good collaborative work, commitment to the Company, among others. To this end, the satisfaction of our employees is fundamental.

Ensuring their satisfaction makes them produce more and better, automatically reduces turnover, makes the work environment healthier, and attracts new candidates. All these factors contribute to a more solid and evolving organizational structure.

5- Which are the internal actions developed by Sociprime to improve the employees' performance and their satisfaction level?

As mentioned at the beginning of the Interview, we have a universe of 2000 collaborators, approximately. We are present at a National and Island level, with several departments, areas and projects.

It is important that everyone feels an integral part of the company, because in fact Sociprime's success is due to its universe of collaborators.

Internally we develop actions such as: health insurance; partnerships in the area of well-being and health, including gym and pharmacy network; financial support in the area of training/educational, all of them with the aim of improving the performance of each one, as well as generate higher levels of satisfaction/motivation.

6- What are the main challenges in terms of human resources management for the future of Sociprime?

The last year has created a paradigm for all companies, particularly in Human Resources departments. The Pandemic has a worldwide scale, the impacts have reached the world of work in an equally global way. For in the face of the unknown, we faced several challenges never before experienced.

It is essential to automate processes, by means of technological tools; to foster a greater dedication to people management, and this management must be innovative, flexible, and strategic.

Given the size of our company and the importance of the proximity/relationship with the employee, I highlight as the biggest challenge another theme affected by the changes of this new reality, the relationship of the employee with the company.

The employee experience, the whole process of welcoming, receiving, integrating, managing and maintaining employees, is impacted by this new reality.

Irina Baía | Human Resources Department

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