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Interview Miguel Perry

09 Mar 2021SoftwareSociprime
Interview Miguel Perry 1

"Nowadays the access to information in real time is essential. A company that does not have data in real time, may be losing sales."

1- When did you start this partnership between Field Systems and Sociprime? And what is the objective?

The partnership with Sociprime started before the creation of Field Systems. In 2017, Webteam, a company of which I am a partner, was invited to develop a tailor-made solution for Samsung Portugal's teams of promoters. We then decided to join a mixed team between Sociprime and Webteam to take advantage of the profound business know-how of Sociprime people with the technical knowledge of the people of Webteam and we got to work. We achieved, through this approach, a final solution that corresponded to the client's best expectations.

This project led to others with the same approach and fortunately also successfully. As a natural and logical consequence of a successful partnership, we decided on the obvious: together with Sociprime, betting on the creation of a new company dedicated to the development of specific software for these high consumption markets, first for the Portuguese market and later for international markets.

2- What is the importance for businesses of access to detailed and real-time information from teams on the ground?

Nowadays access to information in real time is essential, as it allows us to act in a timely manner, rectify situations in order to mitigate problems and, at the same time, maximize the effort of all the teams involved. A company that does not have real-time data may be losing sales.

3- What are the client's areas of activity where it is possible to develop custom software?

Basically in all areas. Software products must adapt to customers' processes and needs. That is the motto of Field Systems. Our customers are the ones who know their business best, we should not impose on them watertight solutions that impose changes in their processes. We can develop from scratch or from a base of a product already developed, adapting it to your needs.

4- What challenges do you foresee in this technological area for the future of Sociprime?

There are three main vectors for me:

The first, for a short-term future, will be to get the message across correctly. We have to overcome customers' lack of awareness of the need for technology. Yet many do not recognize the value that the application of the right technology - and not just any one - can bring to their operations. Many think that the bet on software is expensive and unnecessary, when in fact it is completely the opposite, allowing to achieve more economic efficiency due to the improvement in the efficiency of the processes.

The second challenge is related to human resources. It will have to be a constant bet on people with training in the area of ??technology and be able to retain talent.

The third challenge will be innovation. We will have to go two steps ahead to have the solution prepared to serve our customers. To do this, we must have a bet on innovative products that allow to fulfill this premise.

Miguel Perry | CEO Field Systems


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