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Quality Policy

Our Vision

As a leading company in Portugal in the area of Merchandising and Field Marketing, Sociprime aims to be the example in Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment policy, in the area where it operates.

Because we act in the Human Resources area, it is in this area that we most want to present innovative solutions, which meet both the needs of our clients and the global principles of sustainable and responsible development.


Our Principles

We conduct our business and relations with all our stakeholders, with respect for each one's individuality. Whether for our employees, our customers, or for the environment and society around us, we are aware of the role we have to play.

We are aware that the involvement of our employees is essential in the development and implementation of sustainable policies.

We continuously improve our processes in order to meet and even exceed legal requirements and national and international QHSE regulations. We provide the necessary resources to achieve our goals and commitments.


Our Commitments

We act in a preventive way. Work accidents can be avoided, reducing the risk for our employees, equipment, social and environment.

We focus on the health and safety of our employees, continuously improving the processes, procedures and work environment.

We conduct our operations using the necessary resources efficiently, minimizing waste and consequently the impact on the environment.

Only by understanding the needs and preferences of our customers can we work to deliver added value to each of them.

Each of our employees is responsible for the quality of their work. We aim to continuously raise our quality levels in the services we provide to our customers.